Ioannis Gatsiounis

Of God and Sun

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June 28, 2009

Believers have a knack for finding God in everything, not least of all the weather. They see God’s hand in a sunny outdoor wedding. In natural disasters. In a man struck down by lighting. In each instance – shhh – God is saying something. What, then, was His phenomenological message behind the blissful weather (mid-70s, cloudless, light breeze, an anomaly this spring) bestowed upon the “sinful” revelers at San Francisco’s Pride Parade over the weekend?

That God loves homosexuals as much as the rest of us? That he’s giving them a break because they, like His favorite Son, have been unfairly persecuted?

Certainly had it stormed, the devout would have seen in it God’s wrath. Conversely, then, the sun and warm would seem to communicate God’s love. But the faithful’s commitment to selective reasoning mars comprehension.

Muslims found proof of God’s invincibility in photographs taken in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami showing village mosques standing amid miles of rubble. Of course to arrive at this conclusion one must faithfully ignore the fact that houses of worship are often the only structurally sound buildings in Third World villages. It also disregards all those times mosques have been the only structures in town not to be left standing (Shiites bombing them one week, Sunnis the next). If the still-standing mosque validates God’s omnipotence, then doesn’t the razed mosque testify to religion’s foundational weaknesses.

Maybe the best explanation we can expect from the faithful for the “mysterious” weather that “abetted” the homosexuals this year is that God’s light shines equally on the just and unjust. Or perhaps the answer is to be found on the sign draped around the neck of a half-naked celebrant this weekend. It read, “My God is Fabulous.”

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