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Why Walk to Work Reloaded Won’t Make a Bang

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January 26, 2011

KAMPALA – The recent announcement that Activists for Change is “reloading” the Walk to Work campaign, in which Ugandans are to walk from their residents to their place of employment in a peaceful expression of discontent with the direction of the country, is welcome news to the reform-minded here.

It was Walk to Work I, last April, that challenged the nothing-we-can-do mindset with a yes-we-can refrain, and the timing of Reload is auspicious: bribery scandals are rocking the ruling party, national debt and inflation are soaring. Bank interest rates have edged toward 30%. Electricity subsidies are set to end. Youth unemployment is at 83%. There’s a lot for ordinary Ugandans to be angry about.

And yet Walk to Work Reload has all the makings of a bad Hollywood sequel. Read the rest of this entry »